By Fireside Tuition

Why? Because Fireside tuition is a social enterprise, which aims to provide positive and effective tutoring for high school students. We do this in order to fund free one-on-one tutoring sessions with disadvantaged students who need it.

Fireside was founded by several 2020 high school graduates who went through Queensland’s first year in the ATAR system and achieved rankings above the 99th percentile—in the process, recognizing the need to help students light up their own lives and the lives of disadvantaged students in Queensland through effective tutoring. We do this with a 2 step process:

Make it stand out.



Other tuition companies hire tutors based on school marks alone. Most tutors have achieved average ATAR equivalents of 87.

Other tuition companies offer no training to the students they hire.


Fireside hires based on academic and cultural achievement paired with real teaching skill. All our tutors achieved 99 or above ATARs.

Fireside upskills its tutors so that they can have the greatest possible positive impact on the students they teach.


Other tuition companies try to make profit off their students. They value money over the wellbeing of their tutors and students.

Fireside’s sole purpose is to help the Brisbane community. We make no profit from teaching and tutor solely for the benefit of our students.

STEP 1: We Tutor

Fireside offers tutoring from students who have achieved rankings among the top 70 ATARs in Queensland to fulfil our vision. We’re so confident in our tutors that we provide an 80+ ATAR final year 12 result guaranteed*. Our Fireside tutors are flexible and will drive to meet students within the Brisbane area. Clients can decide what tutor will best help them based on subject selection, career goals, fees, timing and location, controlling when and where the lessons occur. Every paid lesson with a tutor means that tutor gives one free class to a student who can not afford but deserves lessons. Fireside has the best tutors in QLD who work for a cause.

STEP 2: We Support

Every dollar of profit made by tutoring clients goes back into supporting the community. Every paid lesson with Fireside means a 1-on-1 lesson given to a student who needs tuition but could not otherwise afford it.

If you would like to support us in our efforts, please consider donating or talking to us about how we can widen the impact of our social action.

As we support communities around Brisbane, we’re looking for students who may need our help. If that’s you, please don’t hesitate to apply. The process is confidential, and tutors are not told clients’ fee status to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and receives the best education possible.

Contact Us:


04 08763063

We would love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us to make a booking, apply for free tuition, to give us advice or just to say hello!

We’re open for calls everyday from 10am-8pm all week and will respond to emails any time!